Case Summaries Suggestions

Case Summaries Suggestions

Thought, Content, Argument and Analysis

• demonstrates understanding of the legal issues raised by the case
• identifies and addresses issues concisely and coherently
• considers primary and subordinate issues with appropriate emphasis
• demonstrates understanding of key concepts related to the case
• uses relevant legal terminology appropriately
• develops central argument logically and persuasively
• supports assertions with evidence, reasons and authoritative sources
• considers implicit reasons, values and assumptions
• compares, contrasts and identifies connections between cases, principles, arguments
• assesses strengths and weaknesses of arguments,
o ie evaluates the merits and limitations of arguments
• demonstrates originality


• material is organised to support the central argument
• ideas are linked coherently
• sections and paragraphing enhance clarity and intelligibility

Research and use of sources

• shows evidence of independent research, beyond course materials
• utilises an appropriate range of relevant and authoritative primary sources
• utilises an appropriate range of relevant and authoritative secondary sources
• demonstrates close reading and understanding of source material

Expression and presentation

• grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation are accurate
• writing communicates ideas and understanding effectively
• citations conform with AGLC requirements
• bibliography includes all sources consulted as well as those cited in notes
• all sources are appropriately acknowledged


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