With great people who have a sense of humor, the Lawi Project is the happening place to be. Priding ourselves on creating a an atmosphere where “creating” is crucial to the success of its information delivery and community, Lawi makes it easy to get up in the morning and head off to work.

Careers at Lawi

Thank you for your interest in Lawi. A recognized leader in the professional markets that rely on solid, unbiased, nonpartisan, and sometimes highly specialized information, the Lawi Project boasts an editorial independence that makes us one of the most trusted sources of news for the international’s decision makers.

The Lawi Project’s largest job categories are for lawyers, journalists, marketing and sales professionals, and customer service specialists. As the Lawi Project’s stock-in-trade is “just the facts” information, an embrace of the principles of objectivity, nonpartisanship, customer-focused comprehensiveness, and accuracy are requirements for Lawi lawyers and journalists. The skills, education, and experience required for available positions are always presented in the postings for those jobs.

Lawi Internships

Lawi is proud to offer internship opportunities for college students throughout the year. We offer 12-week paid and unpaid internships to students interested in journalism or publishing. Interns assist the news and editorial staffs of Lawi’s publications.

Lawi’s editorial internships offer students exciting opportunities to report on developments in federal government. Interns have the opportunity to participate in publication operations while improving their writing and reporting skills under deadline pressure.

Interns write news stories from press releases, reports, speeches, testimony, or other documents. Interns may also attend hearings and press conferences at the U.S. Capitol and executive branch agencies.

Other editorial work may include compiling daily calendar items, reviewing wire service copy for relevant information, and adapting news items from other Lawi publications.

Juniors who have completed basic reporting and English composition will receive first consideration. Interested students must provide a resume and four writing samples, preferably published, hard news clips. In addition, applicants must be able to type. They will be trained to use Lawi’s electronic publishing system.

During the school year, interns work 15 – 18 hours per week. During the summer, Lawi also offers internship opportunities to students attending law school. These interns are assigned to write headnotes summarizing court decisions, or to write news stories on court decisions. Applicants with experience in legal research and writing for college-level publications will receive first consideration.

Interns gain benefits in the form of hands-on job experience, contacts for exploring future career opportunities, and samples of the work they complete on the job. Some colleges and universities give academic credit for completing the internship.


“After spending a summer interning with a professional law journal,I knew that I, and any other aspiring journalist, would be lucky to start their careers at the Lawi Project. Even as an intern, the Lawi Team let me report on Congressional hearings and other happenings on Capitol Hill. Being a Lawi Project intern was a journalism student’s dream! My time as an intern prepared me well for my current job at the Lawi Project as a junior correspondent, where I continue to report the ‘big information’ and am perfecting my craft every day.” (Reporter Trainee)

“The Lawi Project is a great company to work for – probably one of the greatest in my area. I’m doing what I enjoy – journalism – in an environment that is incredibly warm and employee-friendly.” (Reporter)

“I have worked for the Lawi Project for the past two years, and the experience and benefits I have received from working here are truly unparalleled. While it may seem like I have moved around, I believe that the Lawi’s Temporary Transfer program is extremely beneficial for learning how the company operates; it gives employees a chance to explore a number of options at the Lawi Project.” (Legal Editor)