Case Summary TOC

Case Summary Table of Contents

I INTRODUCTION OR/AND BACKGROUND: Background section is optional, but the facts must be summarised and the main issues identified early in a case note
• II FACTS AND ISSUES (Expository Part). The expository section of this case summary should be organised according to the issues raised by the case – with ‘issues’ broadly conceptualised

o A The History of the Case, etc..After outlining the case history, this note discusses the main issues raised by the case
• III DECISION: The court’s decision is explored in this note by reviewing the various judgments – majority and minority.

III COMMENT (Analytical Part): The comment section addressed each of these issues in turn. This section is organised ‘thematically
o A Issue A
o B Issue B
• IV IMPACT OF THE DECISION: comprise the ‘analytical’ section of the note, exploring the impact of the decision in various contexts


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