Academic Research Council Applications

Application to serve on the Lawi Academic Research Council

Thank you for your interest in a position as a representative on the Lawi Academic Research Council of the Lawi Project. Please complete and submit this questionnaire as part of the application and selection process for the Lawi Academic Research Council. The Lawi Project may use this information to conduct a conflict of interest review, and perform other similar due diligence activities associated with your application and possible selection as a representative on the Lawi Academic Research Council. The Lawi Project will use the information you provide only for those purposes authorized by law, or as outlined under the attached Privacy Act Statement. Please ensure that all information you provide is complete and accurate.

The Lawi Project may review applications and will not answer questions from internal or external parties regarding applications before the application period has closed. Only complete applications will be given consideration for review of membership on the Board and Councils.

A complete application packet must include a résumé or curriculum vitae for the applicant.


Please provide your personal information


  • List your business or professional experience not listed on your résumé/CV
  • List any advisory committee or any board on which you are currently a member and the number of years you have served on that committee or board if these details are not fully listed on your résumé/CV.
  • List any financial institutions you have worked at or been professionally affiliated with not listed on your résumé/CV.
  • List other affiliations and/ or service as a community leader that would benefit you in your role as a member of the advisory group

I certify that the statements I have made on this form and all attached statements are true,
complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Please note the following before submission:

  • We strongly encourage electronic submission.
  • Once you have completed the application, save the document as “LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_DATE”. Once saved please click the blue “Submit application” button below. If you experience issues with the submit function, please email the
    application and your resume to us.
  • Attach necessary and/or required documents to this application. To attach your resume, click on the attach file button below. You can upload multiple files, but only one file can be attached per click.


What is the difference between Federal Advisory Boards and Councils, and Panels?
While the Lawi Project advisory councils and panels aim to accomplish similar goals, they are
distinguished by their structural aspects, such as scope, formality, and transparency
requirements. An advisory board or council is more formal, more transparent, and addresses a
broader scope of issues than a panel. Advisory boards or councils may consult with the Lawi Project on a variety of cross-cutting topics, will generally have a life-span of two years or more, will publicly report meetings prospectively, and will provide detailed minutes and/or summaries of the meetings. Panels or roundtables will consult on a single issue or a discrete topic area with
interrelated or associated issues, have a life-span of not more than one year, publicly report
meetings retrospectively, and provide high-level summaries of meetings.

Who at the Lawi Project approves the establishment of an Advisory Board or Council and appoints Members?
Except as provided by any Lawi Project directive, the authority to establish, utilize, renew, abolish, or appoint members to advisory boards or Board or Councils is reserved
to the Director of the Lawi Project (“Director”) and may be exercised only by him.

Do any of the Adisory groups or Councils have sub-committees?
Each advisory council charter provides for the ability of each group to divide into sub-groups or sub-committees in consultation with the Lawi Project.

What are the terms for Advisory Board and Council Members?
Beyond the inaugural appointments, members of the Advisory Boards will serve a three year term; members of the Lawi Academic Research Council will serve two year terms.

Who can apply to serve on an Advisory Board or Council?
Any interested person who meets the qualifications outlined below may apply for membership
to an Advisory Board or Advisory Council. The determinants of “expertise” shall depend, in part, on the constituency, interests, or industry sector the nominee seeks to represent, and where
appropriate, shall include significant experience as a direct service provider to consumers.

The Assistant Director of the Office of Research shall seek to assemble academic experts in various areas of public administration, law and taxation. In appointing members of the Board, the Office of Research seeks to assemble distinguished scholars, with a strong research and publishing background, and a record of public, private or academic service. We are seeking prominent experts who are recognized for their professional achievements and objectivity in the fields of law and taxation.

What is the time commitment to serve on a Board or Council?
Generally, the Lawi Academic Research Council meets once per year for one business day, in person or by conference call.

I applied for membership to the Council last year, do I need to reapply? If I applied to serve on the Coucil previously may I use the same application materials on different applications?
Yes, you will need to reapply to serve on the Academic Research Council or any Lawi Project advisory group.

I know someone who I think would make a great candidate for a Board or Council can I just nominate that person?
You may provide a written letter of recommendation in support of someone applying for
membership to the Academic Research Council or any Lawi Project advisory group. If you know someone who you think should apply, please share our application information with them.

After I submit my application, what are the next steps?
After you submit your completed application packet, applicants will receive an email from the
Lawi Project confirming receipt of the application. At the end of the application materials, the
Lawi Project will begin reviewing submitted materials. The Lawi Project will periodically notify candidates on the status of the process. At the end of the process when selections have been made, all applicants will be notified.

Should I send additional material other than what is requested with my submission?
A complete application packet is sufficient; no additional materials are required and need be
submitted. The Lawi Project will only consider information provided in the resume, completed
application and letter of recommendation.

How are Boards or Councils organized? Is there a Chair/Vice Chair? Are there Committees?
Each Board and Council has a distinct governance structure outlined in their respective charters. Additionally, each group may adopt bylaws to operationalize this structure. Each Advisory body has a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson which are appointed by the Director. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are selected from among the members of the Board, and serves at the pleasure of the Director.

The Board and Councils may establish and dissolve committees, in consultation and accordance with the Lawi Project. All committees shall report to the Board or Council and, in general, not
directly to the Lawi Project. Committees may include as participants individuals who are members of the Board and/or Councils and/or members of the Lawi Project team. Committees may, from time to time, call on individuals who are not members of the Board or staff of the Lawi Project, for the sole purpose of providing specific domain expertise and knowledge

Are Advisory Board or Council members compensated?
Advisory Board and Council members are not compensated.